Monday, July 16, 2012

Five Months, Baby

Hi! My name is Hank Heitshusen. I am 8 pounds and 20-something inches long. If I were the first born, my mom would have remembered exactly how long I am, but I'm a second-born, so we'll just not worry about the details.


I enjoy watching baseball, eating every three hours, sleeping with my bunny, and hanging with my big sister, Josie. I like watching her sing and dance. And whenever she laughs, I can't help but smile. Except in this picture below. Give me a break. I'm a little tired from a long day of chewing on my teething ring and rolling over on my tummy.

I'm not too ashamed to admit that I like snuggling up with my mom.

And going to concerts with my dad.


I had the pleasure of meeting my great grandma and grandpa on my first road trip to Indiana. I was pretty amazing during the car ride. As long as my mama was sitting in the back seat next to me.

I enjoy walks through our neighborhood during the summer evenings. Now that I'm facing forward in my sweet Baby Bjorn ride, I can really put out the vibe.

Most recently, my first two teeth were spotted. I'm kind of mature for my age.
I love meeting new people and enjoy good, long conversations with friends. Especially with friends that just sit and stare back at me. Some of my talents include sitting by myself, although I'm not much of a risk taker and prefer to have a nice solid pillow around me in case I tip over. Other talents include babbling, making raspberry sounds and reaching for toys.

I am five months old, single and available. If you know any cute girls, send me their number! 

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