Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finally allowed to celebrate!

Now that we are in the month of December, my family and I are able to come out of the closet and officially start celebrating Christmas! It's not much of a secret that Todd and I love Christmas. It's not a secret because we basically put our Christmas tree up the begining of November and well...I've been known to make it into a "Valentine's" tree in February, a "Clover" tree in March and an "Easter Egg" tree a month later. Call me what you will, but I heart Christmas.

My disclaimer for having the tree up for so long is that the tree is a small, decorative type of tree (in a pot, nonetheless!) -- not one you hang actual ornaments on. So there. Anyway...the weekend of Thanksgiving (after our family gave thanks, ate delicious food and then threw all of that food up (sorry for the gross description) because we ended up with the stomach flu...well, not only us, but our entire extended families)...anyway, after the Thanksgiving of 2010, which we will never forget, Todd and I started feeling much better and took Josie to St. Michael's down the street to get our Christmas tree from the Boy Scouts.

Josie loved seeing the trees, loved wearing her big puffy jacket and furry hood, but most of all loved the little 12 year old boy that helped us find our tree. Her first crush. She was so in awe of him. It might have just loved the tiger hat he was wearing, but whatever the case, she just smiled at him the entire time and then cried HARD when we had to say good-bye. Of course, a few raisins and goldfish in the car made the entire world right again.

If only all problems could be solved with raisins and goldfish...