Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4 years

Todd, usually I write to Josie or Hank, but today I write to you.

The last four years have brought the purchase of our first home, 
a few burnt dinners (only early on, of course), 
plenty of house projects, 
many notes left on the dry erase board, 
several road trips,
two beautiful little ones, 
lots of laughter, 
luckily just a little heartache,
and so much growth.

Together, we have grown so much since that hot June day four years ago.

Although lately our days consist mostly of cheerios, Dora, 
tutu's, diapers and super, duper early mornings, 
I am still captivated by your smile and melt at your touch. I really do.

Happy Anniversary, Toddie. 
Here's to us!

Friday, June 1, 2012

tall, dark and handsome

Hank, you are a typical 4 month old. 

With your weight and height above the 90th percentile, 
skin tanner than both of your parents, 
and a sparkle in your eye whenever you smile, 
you in fact are a typical 4 month old: Tall, Dark and Handsome. 

I mean, really. Are you kidding me? 

And to think, I worried whether I could love another little one 
as much as I have and continue to love Josie. 

Here's what I discovered:

In parenthood, love grows exponentially. 
With everyday. 
With every sweet snuggle and miraculously, 
with every two-year-old tantrum. It grows.

Hank, at four months, this is what we know about you: 

You are king of the exer-saucer, mastering this skill with your mega-baby strength.

You reach for toys and have craft-fully mastered the art of holding a rattle.

You LOVE pulling your sister's hair 
And probably your mama's hair too, but I've learned from experience, 
and now I'm quick to outmaneuver you.

You are slightly afraid of balloons 
But honey, I don't blame you.
 Those colorful, massive round floating things are a bit scary.

And through that experience, 
we learned that your lips curl into an adorable little frown when you are startled.

You are VERY chatty.

You can sleep upright while dangling from the baby Bjorn. Anytime, anywhere.

And lastly, 
you still love, love, love everyone you meet.

GQ Magazine asked if they could use this picture for their June center-fold. 

I think you still might be a little young for GQ. Maybe next month. :-)

And here we are, celebrating another milestone.

Watching you and your big sister grow has been and will continue to be 
a truly amazing and inspiring journey.

You guys can make this mama,
who sometimes feels frazzled and overwhelmed by motherhood,
feel like I can climb mountains.

Because I've discovered
that it's not just the unconditional love from your daddy and I
that is shared between us,
but it is the unconditional love that you two continue to pour back into us.
I love that. 

Happy 4 month birthday to you, my sweet little boy!