Friday, April 13, 2012

The second month

Hank, here are a few highlights from your second month.
You smiled. A baby's first smile is monumental. I had seen your smile before when you were itty bitty, when it was brought on by your tootie fruities (Which you got from your father. And for some reason, I feel that if I call them something light hearted, then they won't smell as bad. It's not really working).  Anyway, back to that smile. I was captivated. One little smile and my heart melted. Completely melted.  

Another highlight is the first bath you took with Josie. She was SO distracted by the part that makes you different than her. She giggled and pointed until I finally covered you with a wash cloth. After that, she was back to washing her doll, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Further to report at two months, I can already say you are one happy baby. Always smiling. Always showing off that one little dimple on your left cheek. *sigh* Heartbreaker.

I love watching you and Josie together. She is hilarious around you. She's learning to be really gentle. Well, except for that one time she thought you were trying to steal her cracker. Holy moly.

And I'm pretty sure Josie still thinks your full and official name is Baby Brother Hank. 

All in all, an absolutely perfect second month. I love watching you learn and discover new things. I'm looking forward to so many more baby firsts...first laugh...first rattle shake and most importantly, first full night's sleep!!!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Ready for Easter

In an effort to teach my little Josie about Easter, I bought a children's book. A book in which she has had no interest in since I bought it 3 weeks ago. I don't blame her. Who wants to read a book when you can overflow the bathroom sink, color all over the dining room wall or stand watching TV two inches away from the screen?

This morning, during breakfast, I took advantage of Josie's brief attention span to read her the Easter book. As I showed her cartoon pictures of Jesus' life, I tried to explain the story in a way a two year old could understand. Keeping it simple, I told Josie that Jesus loves us, that He's our friend and that He died for us so we could live in heaven with Him someday. 

When I told Josie that Jesus loves us, she responded, in utter excitement and enchanting disbelief, as if she had won the lottery, "Jesus loves ME?" I smiled. And a sweet second question followed. Josie asked, "And Jesus loves baby brother Hank?'

Yes, my sweet little girl, Jesus loves you and your baby brother Hank. 

It's that simple.

And of course, no Easter conversation is complete without talking about the Easter Bunny. :-)

Happy Good Friday!!