Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Fourth

Although nearly two weeks ago, I certainly did not want to bypass posting pictures from the fourth of July. Celebrating our freedom, devouring red, white and blue-themed desserts and withstanding the thick, sticky Kansas heat waiting in Corporate Woods for the fireworks to start...two and half hours after Josie's bedtime, by the way. How could you NOT love the fourth of July? I really do mean that. I've always loved the fourth.

Originally we were going to bypass fireworks because the thought of keeping Josie up HOURS past her bedtime (knowing she would maintain perfect timing as our 6:00 alarm clock) was crazy. But I was kind of curious to see how she would do and deep down, I LOVE fireworks, so it really didn't take much to change my mind. Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better night. Josie kept herself busy playing with cousin Emri, adorning herself with stickers and crayola markers up and down her arms and on her white top (on daddy's watch of course, kidding. apparently that happened when no one was watching her!) and having various not so healthy snacks. Not afraid whatsoever of the fireworks (although that shouldn't have surprised me, she was the toddler at the pool who just walked right off the ledge and into the water during our first pool trip this summer). All in all, she was probably more fascinated by the moon than anything else. I mean, she's never seen it in person, so I really don't blame her. I thought the world was going to end when the moon slid below the horizon. Good thing the fireworks really picked up shortly afterwards; I really don't know how long I could have explained that the moon went "night night" and have it be OK with Josie. So there. A beautiful night with our sweet little girl. Celebrating our country's independence and freedom. Although belated, Happy Fourth of July!