Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy 5 Months!

We celebrated Josie's 5th month birthday this week with a delicious chocolate cupcake with sprinkles. See below. I love Josie's fascination with the candle. I kind of keep forgetting that she can reach out and grab things, which is exactly what Josie did right before this picture was snapped. If Todd had been thinking quickly, he could have taken a few pictures of Josie basically grabbing the flame, me pulling the plate back at lightning speed and then attempting to balance the cupcake so it didn't fall to the ground while holding Josie and her wobbling body upright in the other arm. I am a mother of many talents.

As Todd and I danced around her room, making ridiculous faces and noises in an effort to make her smile, I imagine these thoughts were running through our child's mind during her photo shoot this month...

"What in the world is this strange thing?...Look at me, I can almost hold it with two hands..."

"Whoa, slippery little sucker..."

"Phew, got it back..."

"Fine, I'll hold it steady so you can take a picture. Oh wait, I'm going to sneeze..."

"Looks pretty tasty...don't mind if I do..."

And finally, with this final shot (65 pictures later, that is), Todd and I say, "We got one!" and cheer with delight. All the while, Josie is laughing as she thinks, "Those crazy people behind the camera don't know it yet, but they have quite a messy diaper to change after all this commotion is through...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ready for Summer

In preparation for the upcoming WARMER months ahead and Josie's first road trip to Indiana where we are likely to stay at a hotel with a pool (yeah!), I bought Josie her first swimsuit. And as any girl will tell you, a fashion show is a must after new purchases.

You have to love baby swimsuits. The chubbier, the better! If only rolls were this adorable on adults. :-)

We're very excited for the weather to get warmer -- there's a whole new world of sunshine out there for us to explore. Josie has no idea what's in store for her...sandboxes, kiddy pools, parks - can't wait!