Monday, May 16, 2011


First of all, is there any question why it sometimes takes me one entire afternoon (or one entire week) to put one load of laundry away or in this example, add some spring clothes to my closet from storage? I mean, when you have this little marvelous distraction popping up with smiles and multiple requests to hold my hand and walk around the house (that's her new thing), how could one EVER get stuff done around the house? Especially when she smiles and signs "more" while saying "PEASE!". I don't know if she really knows what either "more" or "please" mean, but if she ever wants something, that is her go-to combination.

At a year-and-a-half, I wanted to document some of Josie's "isms", if you will. I'm obsessed with what she says (or maybe the better word is fasciated). I relish in every sound, utterance, incorrect pronunciation and phrase. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Josie thinks birthday cake is called "happy". We've been celebrating a lot of birthdays lately. When Josie sees a cake (or even paper plates, which I find kind of interesting), she spastically begins saying "happy" followed by "bite" over and over and over again. Of course that means, "Mommy, I have finished all of my vegetables, can I please have a piece of birthday cake?" If the request for a "happy" or "bite" are ignored or declined, she refers to her go-to expression of signing more while saying "PEASE!"

2. Josie loves watching Snow White. She calls it "Heigh-ho" (I learned the correct spelling of heigh-ho during a desperate search to find clips from the movie on You Tube). There have been many an early morning where I go into Josie's room to get her out of the crib and through the frazzled hair covering her face, sleepy eyes and morning voice, she utters "heigh-ho?"

3. Josie uses Mommy and Daddy interchangably. I'm not sure if she'll ever get Todd and I straight. :-)

4. Josie's favorite word is "no" and she often likes to swat at the air when she says it. She says it especially to people she doesn't know very well, primarily when they are giving her a compliment or just trying to be friendly. Is that normal?

5. If you ask Josie how old she is, she'll hold up one finger and in the cutest little voice, say "two". Except it really doesn't sound like "two", it sounds like "tewwwww". But I guess the point really isn't that she says "tewww" for "two", but rather, she should be saying "ONE"!!

Ok. Those are some of my favorite Josie-isms and I just wanted to document them. As a speech pathologist, I always find myself correcting her. Embarassingly enough, we sometimes have little mini therapy sessions. But you know, I have a feeling that when she starts calling the movie Snow White by the real title or when when she asks for a piece of cake at a birthday party or tell us the exact age that she is, I'm probably going to be sad because I'll miss the little 18-month-old and her sweet little Josie-isms.