Friday, May 29, 2009

We're having a.....

Last Thursday marked 20 weeks in my pregnancy. Halfway there, unbelievable! 20 weeks is kind of a big deal because you can finally find out the sex of your baby. Which we did! We had the sonographer write it down and place it in an envelope for us to open up later.

Todd had a great idea to go to Loose Park (where he proposed almost 2 years ago, sentimental!) to open the envelope. Oh the suspense began to build as we opened up our little secret...

I was literally in shock when we pulled out the little picture that read GIRL!!! I had tears of surprise, excitement and joy start pouring down my cheeks.

If you couldn't tell from the pictures already, I wore blue that night because I really thought we were having a boy. Here are my reasons: 1. the Chinese lunar calendar said we were having a boy 2. I had two VERY distinct dreams that we HAD a little boy and 3. the sonographer said the baby was really hyper moving all around in my tummy and he/she had long legs. All of which meant we were having a boy because boys have long legs and because my husband is hyper and so it must be a boy. :-) Oh well, I was wrong. That's ok because it was a win-win situation. When in your life do you get such an amazing surprise where BOTH outcomes are wonderful???

Sunday, May 17, 2009

All Things Pink

Since my sister Rachel is having her third little boy in June (most likely any day now, really), Kerri and I wanted to throw her a special party. So in lieu of a traditional baby shower, we decided to throw an "All Things Pink" party since Rachel is about to be out-numbered 4:1 in the boy girl ratio at home.

We asked guests to leave all the boy stuff at home (or in the stores!) because all they needed was a pink outfit and their game face because we were playing PINK POKER!! Yes, bringing back the grad school days of pink poker. :-)

We had a fun night of pink boas, pink drinks, pink food and of course pink poker, which I must admit at this point that I did NOT win a single round. Or maybe I might of and just folded early because let's be honest, I like to play this particular game because it's pink and I honestly know very little about it. I'm sure if anyone who actually knew how to play poker was watching us, they'd get a big kick out of our "interpretation" of how to play.

Hopefully this was enough pink to last Rachel for the next few years!!! :-)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

We had such a fun and memorable weekend celebrating with our moms. My mom gave a Mother's Day gift to my sisters and me, although I'm not technically a mom yet. :-) She took us to get manicures on Saturday afternoon. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a morning.

And later on Sunday, we enjoyed a delicious strawberry shortcake made by my darling sister, Kerri.

Mommy of three boys (or will be in just a few short weeks!), mommy of one darling little girl, mommy-to-be (yay!) and mommy of the three of us. :-)

This Mother's Day was also very special because my sister-in-law, Holly, and her husband, Mike, announced the sex of their baby. It's a girl!! It was really cute how they told us. Ava, Holly and Mike came into the living room wearing pink. Ava ran in with pink balloons as "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" played in the background.

My preggo partner, Holly, who is due just 12 days before me!

After the fun announcement, we had a great afternoon of celebrating our moms AND looking forward to another little girl! Hmm...wonder what we'll have?? We'll know in two more weeks!

The Heitshusen and Ashley women - Happy Mother's day ladies!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Heitshusen Family is Growing!!

On October 9th, or around that time, we're expecting our first little one and we couldn't be more excited. We went for our 16 week appointment last week. We heard a strong heartbeat and got to watch little baby Heitshusen dance around in my tummy. I'm not actually feeling any baby movement yet, which was surprising to the sonographer because he or she was moving all about! Since people were asking for pictures of my growing belly, here ya go.

I don't think that picture does the growth of my belly justice because I feel and look (in person), bigger than that picture above. Todd took this picture and as you can tell, it's a birds-eye-view of my tummy. I told you it's growing! I thought this picture showed off my belly better than the traditional profile view. This is what I wake up to every morning. I keep using the words "tummy" and "belly" because they sound more delicate than "getting fat" or being "thick around the middle". It's all in the wording. :-)

We're excited to find out the sex of the baby at our next appointment at the end of May (after serious consideration of NOT finding out). I've had two very detailed boy dreams so far (among many bizarre pregnancy dreams), but we'll see!!! Stay posted for new updates on baby Heits!