Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Highlights

Todd and I were very lucky this year because we had the chance to celebrate Christmas TWICE! Hello? Why didn't we get married sooner? Two Christmases and Two Christmas Eves, you really can't beat that. Here are some highlights between the Walker and Heitshusen Christmas celebrations. Here's a sleepy Ava and an even sleepier Rebekah on Christmas morning.

A sea of presents greeted us Christmas morning at the Heitshusen's. I pretended to be surprised and in awe of what Santa brought, even though I helped set the gifts out the night before. It's always fun to pretend. So this is what being an adult is like, huh?

I'm sad the holidays are over, but on the bright side, Wrigley is relieved I no longer have an excuse to dress him up. This was a Christmas present from Grandma Walker.

Emri, Miles and Max on our second Christmas morning. Adorable.

The little kiddies weren't the only ones to receive CHRISTMAS JAMMIES!! Red tops for the girls...

And white tops for the boys. Yes, this is what we do. :-)

Christmas Eve at the Heitshusens. Todd and Scottie with Ava. Can you tell Ava was bribed with a cookie to take the picture? It was a sugar cookie in the shape of a tree with green frosting, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. That reminds me, New Year's resolution, eat healthier!

Todd's mom made a delicious and beautiful spread for Christmas Eve dinner. She surprised everyone with childhood Christmas pictures of us on the table. Everyone at dinner that night had a picture from a past Christmas decorating the table. What a fun surprise! Todd as a little boy was my favorite. I just want to squeeze those cheeks!

Last but not least, I'll leave you with yet another torturous costume I made Wrigley wear over the holidays. Although he looks timid and shy in this picture, he surely will be brave enough to lead Santa's sleigh next year. I just have to find reigndeer antlers in a size small.