Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bath Time Baby

Although Todd is the musician of the family, I've taken it upon myself to write a song for bath time. I sing it when bath time doesn't seem like Josie's idea of a good time. You know, to keep her entertained. The song is entitled, "Bath Time Baby" and the words go a little something like this. Try to keep up because the lyrics are a bit tricky.

"Bath time baby. How I love my baby. Bath time baby. Yeah!"

The "yeah" at the end should be dramatic and I would definitely recommend using jazz hands, if not, at least spirit fingers during that part.

The song is simple and if performed correctly (and at least 175 times in a row), you should have quite a happy and content little bather on your hands. See above. It works like a charm. :-)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy 10 Month Birthday!

10 months?!?! Unbelievable. Happy 10 month birthday, sweet little Josie. I just wanted to share a few thoughts. I think I'm feeling sentimental because we have only one more mini-celebration before the big one arrives in October. I love how you bury your head in my shoulder when you want to play or when you're shy. I love how you crack yourself up, even when you are so sleepy, by touching my face or waving your arms. I love how excited you get when I pick you up. I love when you snuggle up to me and your daddy. I love how you are so happy all of the time. And...I love how you keep me on my toes, especially when I think I've got you all figured out. :-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Summer Vacation by Josie Heitshusen

My mom and dad took me to Colorado this summer. It was my first trip to the mountains and the longest road trip I've ever been on. I was pretty awesome in the car on the way there, but I was sure to make up for the good behavior by waking up throughout the night demanding food once we got there. Hee hee.

I loved riding the gondola up the mountain in Vail, although I'm pretty sure it terrified my mom. So what? There's a lightning storm and the gondola cart is rocking a little bit more than necessary, big deal.

I loved riding bikes with mom and dad, although I pretended to hate it once we were nearly 5 miles from the house. I started screaming and acting like I was hungry or tired, but really it was super cool. I love to get a rise out of my parents.

I loved watching the burrow races. I guess they have a 30 mile race where you have to run the whole distance with a donkey. It sounds kind of weird, but the donkeys looked like they were having fun. My favorite part were the cheerios I got to eat while waiting for the winners to cross the finish line.

I loved being with the my cousins. Miles is a good reader, but seriously, I have that book memorized and can really read it by myself, thank you.

I loved hiking on dad's back.

I loved riding in the burley.

And I really loved watching mom pan for gold with Miles and Max, although she became a little obsessive and we had to practically drag her away from the gold panning station.

What a super fun trip that I'll never forget. And those are all the things I loved about my summer vacation in Colorado.