Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My teenage daughter

We've been having a lot of fun working on Josie's "big girl room" lately as we prepare for baby brother to arrive in January. Throughout this time, I mindlessly thought we were getting a room ready for our little 2 year old. But apparently we were preparing a new room for our teenage daughter. I'm not kidding. The first thing she did when entering her new room, after climbing up on the bed, was make a pretend phone call to who knows who. She wouldn't tell us. Probably her secret boyfriend. She spent FOREVER chatting on the phone, see picture below. She would lay on her tummy, then roll over, then act like whoever she was talking to said something completely outrageous and then say something in a language only she can understand and then repeat the whole cycle. PS. How cute is Josie trying to climb up on her big bed? So cute. Not graceful in the least. But so determined. A little grunting, lots of heavy breathing and then a great big smile and an occasional, "I did it!" once she arrives on top. 

So anyway, what inside that little 2 year old body told her to do that?!?! Is it just innate for a little girl to act so grown up sometimes? I don't like it! She did something else recently. She loves going into her new room and closing the door. I am usually close behind, making sure that she's not getting into something she shouldn't be. I usually knock and this is my favorite part, she opens the door and acts both surprised and excited to see me. She then will say "Hi Mommy! Come on in, come on in!" I love that. My heart completely melts. She's so happy to see me. I couldn't feel more loved. Well, an alternate scenario happened the other day. I followed her down the hall and after she closed the door, I waited a bit and then knocked. A few moments later, she opened the door. She was completely adorned in every play bracelet, necklace, headband and bow that she owns. She sort of looked like a punk rocker. Then she put her hand on her hip, made an annoyed face and said, "WHAT?!?!" Gasp. Did she really just say that to me? Really? What happened to my sweet, little girl? This little one seems to be growing up fast. Too fast. For that, I just might put her back in the crib. At least until she turns 13. :-)