Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brush 'em, Brush 'em, Brush 'em

The title for this post is taken from a scene in Grease. Anybody?

Ok, ever since Josie got about a million teeth within one week (seriously) we've been trying to teach good, healthy oral hygiene habbits. If there is one obsession I can pass onto my daughter, let it be the compulsion of having clean teeth! Oh how I love to brush and takes me to a happy place. But I digress, that shall be another post (and likely a boring one at that, so really, nevermind). Anyway, my point is that we've been starting to brush our teeth during bath time. Well, sort of...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween? Been there, done that.

This was last year. Josie's FIRST Halloween at 2 weeks old. What a little snuggle bug. I just can't believe she was ever that tiny. The thought of her asleep on my chest seems like a million years ago.

Fast forward to this year, Josie's SECOND Halloween. Here's our little ladybug and she's one year old. Mama dressed as a bumble bee, as you can see below (of course, staying with the insect theme) and dad was dressed as...well he's uh, professor/slash/grad assistant/slash/something be honest, if you were to ask him today, he still wouldn't really be able to put his finger on what he was dressed up as. I love you, Todd.

Even honorary Auntie Kate stayed in the costume least in terms of things that fly. She was Tinkerbell.

Josie and her Gigi. Watch out though, little one. The flower on her lapel actually sprays water. Seriously. I learned that the hard way.

We loved, loved, loved taking Josie trick-or-treating. We went to a few houses. Yes, it felt rather odd letting Josie reach into the candy dish when we knew far and well that we would be eating the candy ourselves later. That's why you have kids, right? To eat their candy? She's wondering where her giant Hershey bar Mama's tummy, little one.