Tuesday, September 18, 2012

one lucky gal

My favorite little man and I at the celebration of my 33rd year.
Also, my first attempt at using mousse in my 7 month-old's hair.
I'm sorry Hank, but crazy hair just runs in the family.

All 26 of us gathered in the backyard for ice cream cake.
A gal couldn't feel more loved on her 33rd birthday.
We're missing sweet sister Rachel, who is taking the picture, 
and sweet niece Julia who is napping in our bedroom.

When I told Josie how old I was turning this year, she responded, 
"No, mom. Actually you are 6."
And I love how she pronounces every single syllable in the word "actually".
So there you have it.
I'm 6 this year.


Toddie, thanks for planning my pancake party.
I LOVED it. Every single minute.
Todd was the griddle master for the morning.
He asked each family to bring a pancake topping that reminded them of me.
Pretty cute, huh?
Yes. Yes, he is.

We had a variety of delicious toppings:
Bananas, strawberries, peanut butter and milk chocolate chips,
raspberry glaze, whipped cream and some kind of candied bacon, er something.
What was that again, Mom? :-)

I will conclude this birthday post with a series of pictures.
Not because they are cute, I have great hair or because I like smashed cheeks 
or over-excuberant smiles.
But rather, because they perfectly paint the picture of my almost three-year-old, Josie.
The pictures start off sweet. Just a normal picture of Josie, myself and Emri.

And then...well, you can see for yourself as you scroll down.
In a matter of mere seconds, Josie starts to spasm into a sweet burst of super sass.
She's just busting at the seams with excitement.
And I can perfectly relate to that.

You know you love someone when it takes every ounce of your being...
not to eat them. :-)

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Josie Lynn, at 2 years and 10 months, 
these pictures below are so you. 

Years from now, I want to remember 
why I liked these pictures so much.
So I'm making a point to remember the following observations:

1. You are wearing a dress.

On this particular day, we're not going to church, a party or anywhere fancy. 
But as you play around the house, 
you insist on wearing a dress.
A dress that you have named "Beauty", as in Sleeping Beauty.
And just to be clear, 
it sounds more like "booty" when you say it. 
And really, you have named all of your clothes and shoes.
They are each named after a princess.

2. Your smile.

So cute and so cheesy. 
It's a rarity that you smile 
and/or look at a camera on command. 
Unless you have my iPhone and are 
somehow managing to take a picture of yourself. 
Yes, you can do that already. 
Those smiles are the best, but the picture is usually out of focus, 
off-center, your hair is crazy and you have crusties all over your face.
Before having children, I always thought, 
"My children will always be dressed cute and their faces will always be clean." 
Famous last words. I used to be the best mom ever. 
That was before I had children.


3. You are playing with nail polish

You do love getting your finger and toenails painted.
A different color for each finger or toe.
Or sometimes, just the left hand, if that's all you're feeling.
Anyway, it's not that you're playing with nail polish, but rather, 
it's what you're doing with the nail polish.
You have a wild imagination.
I think you get that from your father.
You are creative and can entertain yourself for a period of time, 
longer than I probably should even admit.

4. 3 nail polishes on 3 filing boards

What you can't tell by looking at this picture, 
is that you are singing "The Wheels on the Bus" 
as you line each of your students, aka nail polishes, 
on each of their individual buses, aka nail files.
I sat there and watched as you repeated those steps almost 57 times.

Josie, always remember how much you are loved.
And how much you fill my heart with your passion for fancy dresses, 
cheesy grin, creativity, wild imagination 
and every other little wonderful thing that makes you YOU.