Wednesday, May 23, 2012

thank you

Josie, Hank (and Daddy, too), thank you for a sweet Mother's Day. 
A homemade card (I love the concentration, baby girl) that daddy showed you how to make. 
And if you've ever received a handmade card from my darling husband, 
you know exactly what I mean. 

Who cares if you're running late to church?
 When your two-year-old SWEETLY asks you to paint her finger nails, 
there's always time for a little impromptu pampering. 

We ended up not being late at all and had time for a few 
sweet smiles and kisses before leaving for church.

Brunch, playing in the sprinkler, nap, out to eat for dinner and 
then cake and ice cream to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. 
Kind of the perfect day.

Josie and Hank, you made Mother's Day perfect for me. 
Not perfect in the sense that everything ran smoothly, 
but perfect in the sense that I got to spend the day with you two.
Motherhood isn't anything that I had expected, 
but it is already everything I had hoped for.
And it's all because of you, my darling little stinkers, I mean, angels. :-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Third Month

Hank, our second month together brought your first smile. 
I wasn't sure if I could fall more in love. That was, until during this third month when I heard you laugh. Not a giggle, not a chuckle, but a big, loud, belly laugh. 
And ever since that first moment, I don't think you've ever stopped laughing.  

Your favorite things this month include staring at your hands, sitting in your bumbo chair, and of course, laughing. 
Laughing often and hard. 
You make me feel like the funniest mama in the world. 

Here we are celebrating your third month birthday. 
With a pink cupcake. A pink cupcake in which I cannot be blamed. 
Daddy brought it home. 
Apparently it was the only one left at the bakery. 
Daddy quickly put in a request for "boy colored" sprinkles, which apparently did not include purple or orange. Luckily I had green. :-) 

Here are a few other fun things I want to remember about our these first few months.
Hank, when you are getting full towards the end of a feeding,
you lift your arms high above your head as if you're signaling a feeling full touchdown.
The life of a baby, so simple and honest.

And since everyone we meet thinks you are at least 6 months old, it is only fitting that you're already growing out of baths in the kitchen sink. However, it is still my favorite place to bathe you. Probably because I get you all to myself for at least 5-6 minutes. :-)

Let's not forget to talk about you and big sister. 
As you can see, you're really into snuggling up for movie night with Josie...

...and listening to her read books. I love when you smile at Josie. It's maybe my favorite part of the day.

We're still getting to know our sweet little boy and from what we can tell so far, we cannot imagine how we ever lived without him. Here's an Oreo cheers to the greatest three months a family could ask for.