Friday, September 23, 2011

B is for Boy

Last Sunday, Todd and I cut into the most amazingly-colored, vibrantly-blue cake one could imagine to reveal that Josie is going to have a baby brother. In other words -- we're having a BOY!! On a side note, this moment kind of reminded me of our wedding; however, in this experience, Todd was relieved he wasn't in charge of opening the champaign, because if you attended our wedding, you remember how that went down.

It was a long 48 hours we waited from our ultra sound Friday morning when the tech turned off the TV where we were watching our baby dance around in my belly and then write our baby's gender on a piece of paper. She turned off the TV in case we accidentaly "saw something". :-) I took the sealed envelope to a bakery and asked them to make the inside of our cake either pink or blue, based off what was written in the envelope. And make no mistake, we had a backup envelope we kept for ourselves in case we got the "newby" at the bakery who doesn't know how to appropriately dye cake batter! My fear was that we would cut into the cake only to find the inside to be some weird shade of purple or green.

Two days later, the day we were going to celebrate my birthday with both of our families, we finally found out! Again, those were the longest 48 hours EVER! I love these pictures and I'm laughing at myself at how utterly excited I look. Sometimes laughing really hard sort of distorts our faces (as seen in these pictures). It's true, but I love it. I think this is a good time to throw out my disclaimer: for completely different reasons, I know most confidently that we would have been this overjoyed with a either a girl or a boy. We really, really would have.

Of course, Josie has no idea. Or at least I don't think she does. Just when I thought she was actually getting the fact that we were going to have a baby (because she kisses and points to my belly all the time), she went up to Todd and asked to see his baby. Which of course was his belly button. And then she in turn showed him her baby, aka her belly button. So although she really wasn't celebrating the idea of having a baby brother that day, she completely celebrated the idea of getting a blue ballon.

And of course, another highlight of the day was having endless amount of time playing in the sprinkler while wearing her "good clothes". What are good clothes for an almost two-year-old? Exactly, they don't exist.
All in all, a really, really, really good day. :-)