Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Josie has a surprise...

...she's gonna be a big sister. We're expecting baby Heits #2 (technically #3 if you count big brother Wrigley) around January 25, 2012. In honor of becoming a big sister, we had to do a photo shoot. I am utterly amazed that we captured a picture of Josie sitting still and smiling. I am very impressed with us. We snagged this picture after taking a "break" from our initial photo shoot.

And as any parent of a 20-something-month-old would tell you, snapping a quick, simple picture is never quick nor simple. Imagine pregnant me, impatient yet enthusiasticTodd, a million degree heat and a daughter who wants to do anything but sit still, let alone smile. Here are some of the outakes from our initial attempt. It was our, not kidding, 45-minute voyage into the backyard to take a picture for the scrapbook. We took about a hundred of these "blank stare" pictures. Despite our singing, my dancing and Todd's sound effects, Josie would not crack a smile or even change facial expressions. On a side note, she'd be really good at concentration. I don't think she even blinked once.

She insisted upon standing on the brick that line our tree in the backyard. And since balance isn't one of our strengths, she did fall a couple of times. Into the soft padding of our ground covering. Safe, but dirty. And we're wearing white pants. Oh heavens.

We decided to give her candy to bring on a smile. But we forgot to factor in that she had to eat the candy, which of course led to yet again, anything BUT a smile.

We decided to move the party inside, too sweaty for mom and dad, and then Josie just flat out got hyper. Which of course, did not aid in producing a sweet pose with a sweet smile.

So hyper that she completely...wore...herself...out. Of course, she wasn't the only one who was ready at the end of this adventure for at least a two hour nap or maybe even a drink. And since I can't drink while pregnant, I'll settled for a nice piece of chocolate cake. I earned it. :-)