Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miss Josie

Ladybug Cabbage Patch, little dolly (who continues to remain nameless, except for well, the title "little dolly") and baby Caroline are ready for school. Teacher, Miss Josie, is opening up today's lesson with a storybook. Ladybug Cabbage Patch raises her hand and says, "Teacher, we can't see the pictures when you hold the book like that on your lap." Miss Josie says something very adamant in a language that only she (and I'm assuming only other one-year-olds can understand) and continues on with the lesson. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

March 3rd marked the 7th birthday of my oldest nephew, Miles and 3 days later, marked the day I met Todd. I love spring because it holds the memory of my first nephew, our first family grandbaby, the precious little boy that was about to change our whole world AND it holds the memory of meeting the man that would soon become my best friend, husband and the sweetest daddy I've ever known (outside of course, my own).

My parents and I flew into KC from Georgia just hours before Miles was born. What a perfect day. And then, a few days later, Todd and I had a brief chance meeting at my sister's house when he dropped a gift off for baby Miles. PS. What single man does that? He definitely wasn't hard to fall in love with. So here's my Todd, seven years later.

Ha! Not a soldier, but after seeing Todd dressed up for Miles' "army party", I could go for that. :-)

Walker sisters, daddeo (the real soldier!), Luke, Josie and Emri. Kerri, where is your army hat?

Have you ever seen a cooler cake? Me neither. Oh wait, yes I have. At Miles' first birthday party, and the then his second birthday party and then....Rachel, the standards of your birthday parties are hard to live up to. Good thing I don't even try. :-)

Lots of cousins. Lots of love. Lots of sweet little kisses and cheeks to squeeze. Lots of chaos and lots of no one really looking at the camera or acknowledging that we're trying to take a picture here, people!!

Ahh...finally, a group of people willing to say CHEESE!!!!! Well, except for my dad. He's always serious in pictures, that's what we love about him (unless someone happens to be passing gas, then of course, we get a huge grin from him). HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY, MILES!!