Tuesday, September 18, 2012

one lucky gal

My favorite little man and I at the celebration of my 33rd year.
Also, my first attempt at using mousse in my 7 month-old's hair.
I'm sorry Hank, but crazy hair just runs in the family.

All 26 of us gathered in the backyard for ice cream cake.
A gal couldn't feel more loved on her 33rd birthday.
We're missing sweet sister Rachel, who is taking the picture, 
and sweet niece Julia who is napping in our bedroom.

When I told Josie how old I was turning this year, she responded, 
"No, mom. Actually you are 6."
And I love how she pronounces every single syllable in the word "actually".
So there you have it.
I'm 6 this year.


Toddie, thanks for planning my pancake party.
I LOVED it. Every single minute.
Todd was the griddle master for the morning.
He asked each family to bring a pancake topping that reminded them of me.
Pretty cute, huh?
Yes. Yes, he is.

We had a variety of delicious toppings:
Bananas, strawberries, peanut butter and milk chocolate chips,
raspberry glaze, whipped cream and some kind of candied bacon, er something.
What was that again, Mom? :-)

I will conclude this birthday post with a series of pictures.
Not because they are cute, I have great hair or because I like smashed cheeks 
or over-excuberant smiles.
But rather, because they perfectly paint the picture of my almost three-year-old, Josie.
The pictures start off sweet. Just a normal picture of Josie, myself and Emri.

And then...well, you can see for yourself as you scroll down.
In a matter of mere seconds, Josie starts to spasm into a sweet burst of super sass.
She's just busting at the seams with excitement.
And I can perfectly relate to that.

You know you love someone when it takes every ounce of your being...
not to eat them. :-)

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Sarah and Derek said...

Hi Rebekah! Been checking in on your blog once and a while and had to actually leave a comment for once! Not sure if you remember me, but we were on Pacesetters together (my maiden name was Patch). Anywhoo - little Josie and Hank are just dolls! Feel free to stop by sometime and say hi, or follow my blog... www.sarahandderek.blogspot.com